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RC Logbook

This file contains information on the current state of RC developments and lists ideas, features, bugs and problems.

In development

Graphical editor: undo button and better versioning of exposition content   requested

Merging of text-based and graphical editors   in_progress

  • allows authors to define both a graphical 2d layout and a responsive version of the same page content
  • the responsive version of an exposition is the same as text based, now understood as a linear ordering of tools
  • mixing the two formats within one exposition
  • fascilitate migrate pages between the two formats
  • the author decides which layouts are available to the reader

Google fonts (safe fonts)   in_progess

Archive expositions   requested

Media usage   on_hold

How much media do users have?
Is it used in any exposition or made public?

full text search   luc


front page: add description of institutional portals

Search   roadmap

navigation bar redesign, convert to responsive, better display of all authors

keyword search and list

keyword pages, follow and show authors that use the keywords.

feeds that are integrated with front page + infinite scroll + organised favourates, personal notes with it

sortable search results

searchable inbox

adding time/date filter in advanced search.   casper

search box in navigation bar, so you can search in a single exposition. Future: expositions as searchable databases.

make keywords mandatory on publication

License as machine readable data embedded ?

Profile page   roadmap

better display of objects without image, "tumblr" page, sets should showcase media in attractive way.

share status clearly (no gray color)

display abstract on/off setting

show keywords on the object in the box

easier group management: tagging for profile organization / change group button for item

collapse all groups (how ?), expand all groups

change the group of items without drag and drop

list-like view.

cleanup of CV details edit profile

customizable display of external publications (easy way)

see list of collab/co-autherships of user (ex. academia.org)

see own followers

follow institutions

portal profile pages

managed expositions:

how to make it easier within education to track an exposition and prevent students from making new ones?

different versions of an exposition

that are somehow linked (show that something is just a newer version of an older exposition)


alt-text for all visual tools

internal portal stats

Portal admins can view how many "expositions in progress" there are, see who is editing something.

UX deleting media in editor

instead of forbidding deletion of media used as preview/background, ask the user for permission to delete it and automatically deselect/delink. If no background image is selected, it should either display the generated thumb or the background color in style.

stronger warning on self-publication.   casper

Inform user on DOI being created, and that this means that the reference is permanent.

users to be member of only a portal and not of RC, so they cannot accidentily publish in RC portal.

view media set in exposition, also as replacement for slide show tool

media repo dropbox mode

(upload/add but not change) in media repo

audio quality of zencoder in videos

(currently, uses pretty low bitrate, filters out everything above 15k)

markdown in text/html tools

HTML-tools, track cursor position in HTML source (note: latest tinymce supports this, together with HTML syntax highlighting)

Text & HTML tools, a method of splitting them easily. Maybe a scissor mode on the page editor level ?

Or use newest TinyMCE and add a plugin for this.

Exposition Validation (through api)

external links (youtube, vimeo), should trigger warning.

text tools size warning, current lack of limits stimulates risky designs

exposition metadata export for journals (editor/KC API)

journal submission as application

application programs

save vs. submit, inform/warn people when deadline is close, message on save that this is not submitting

fix multilingual abstracts   tero

  1. Authors should be able to select a main language for their abstract and title.
  2. The main language of an exposition should be displayed in the metadata page.
  3. The abstract displayed in the Navigation bar abstract box should be the same as the language of the exposition, and there should be a dropdown to switch between languages (if translations are available).

downloading big exports

more fail safe: big expositions cause timeouts, like https://www.researchcatalogue.net/view/568007/568008

problematic resolution

zencoder: When uploading a video format that is not supported, show user hint what would work.

user grouping tags

for users within portal user list (for organising)

publication tags for expositions

To have a better way to display educational outcomes, ongoing groupings of research. to separate it from keywords, archive organisation, similar to current reviewing tags.

merge keywords

of expositions and media repo

media repo github repository public

(clean up old state first)

duplicate page

command within editors (instead of copy paste tools)

work migration

to media repo set

fix "add all"

button in collaboration message dialog

collaboration invite as live state

removed from messages, should be prompt or notification. State should be live from the current state

picture tool

duplicate accounts

(automatic detection)

Collaboration search

finding the right person if you only have an email.

Frontpage "published by"

to articles on the frontpage, published by JAR for example.

send email to NTNU admin

when FEIDE student has logged in first time, creating a new account

media url's

Reproduce? in text-based editor, not always translated to live url (https://www.researchcatalogue.net/text-editor/simple-media-resource?research=547070&simple-media=945677)

snapshot stored when admin changes revision state

from "in revision" -> "in review" (currenlty only happens when the author does it)

comments trashcan

for comments on pages that can be seen by the commenter.

dates of expositions:

remove free "date" field.

remove add automatic creation date

remove publication date will not be altered by unpublish/republished (only last modified)

editor role

can we allow this role without needing them to be portal admins

list of objects of which they are editors

Adding editor to exposition creates an accept/decline invite which is unnecessary 20.10.2021th

Editors should see their expositions in portal review page? Alternatively some actions should be doable on My Profile page where the expositions are visible 20.10.2021th

graphical editor

footnote should always show it's borders or the grid

pixel by pixel

movement of tools with arrow keys (and pixel number display)

refresh overview when a tool was deleted

alignment fix

currently still a bit weird

adjustments of margins for position links on the right side of the weave-some links currently 'bump' into borders, displaying the wrong position

position link

add a button that directly copies current position to clipboard, in hyperlink menu, allow selecting a page/tool within the existing structure

group selection (lasso / box selection)

group locking (moving constallation)

prototype tool/template

copy-paste style tab settings

Sortable list view of expositions on "Recent activity" "Recent publications", "My Profile" and other locations in RC.

Ordering of portals by creation data / or alphabetic

elm text editor features:

remove inline markdown chars * * from TOC entries.


footnote like comments {1}

inline comments {<<>>}

{media} tag should be embedded in newlines for proper parsing of markdown paragraphs

we need two rendered html versions, one for public preview not displaying comments and one for editing (with comments)


singled shared model for both editors

"portable footnotes" : footnotes as exposition "snippets" that can be organised in the Repo and used between different expositions and weaves.

one list for the entire exposition

type of footnotes (references etc)

footnote edit page

have a user default styling for footnotes (for example shadow is now default but this cannot be changed).

reference counting, footnotes need to know where they are used

Video tutorials: hire somebody to voice over new tutorials (more proffesional)


the possibility to re-size the popover by the user [re-sizeable]

the possibility to drag the popover over the screen [draggable]



  • Clicking tool should not open defaults (How to open them? Menu options?)
  • Empty tools when canceling tool dialogue
  • Audio tool should not be an empty box, but communicate: "Audio tool: filename"
  • PDF tool : Preview / PDF fields are confusing users
  • Video tool / Video embed user awareness

Autoplay in slideshow triggers "autoplay" message each slide, even if autoplay is allowed:

Reviewers added by the reviewer button in Users will not always be added (if they are existing users)

Adding a page, not showing up in Table of Contents, RC should ask when create page.

copy media from one expo to another causes clones/mess

What is maximum number of tools that can be copy-pasted

CSS: table border-collapse is default in editor, but not in rendered exposition.

Black bars in JWPlayer, which dynamically aplies "object-fit:contain" causing lots o problems. .jwplayer.jw-stretch-uniform video { object-fit: cover !important; } is a solution for now.

Line-height in HTML tool can cause issues (there is a tinymce css line that inherits it from parent, but this causes wrong size if there is styling inline the copied html). One solution could be to filter pasted html.

Unpublishing changes publication date when republished (for example) superadmins should be able to change it.a

Collaboration tab needs explanation text about what is what.   UI

Supervisor permissions behave weird on publication etc. How


  • No quick way for supervisor to delete/manage all their notes.
  • Notes list
  • Private note

No duplicate names for expositions

background color of text-based editor should not change when body background-color is set (connected to margin issue)

If an exposition is unpublished and then republished, it cannot be reviewed (reviewer sees an error when they try to view it)

Supervised expositions show up in two places: Research Exposition (collaborated) and Research Expositions.

Video playback in HTML expositions breaks down on mobile.

Controls do not work on mobile
In Safari this may be caused by a bug in Safari itself: https://www.ctrl.blog/entry/safari-csp-media-controls.html

Word import in Graphical Editor doesn't use HTML default tool settings

change of font in CSS is not accepted after the publication of the exposition: https://www.researchcatalogue.net/view/861875/861876

file type detection should not be done by file ending (can create unusable media)

Menu of expositions in profile and of tools in workspace does not work in Windows 10, version 19041

Import as pdf should not be allowed

Should videos be exported as well when export as epub in the text editor? Now they are not exported

Graphical/Block editor sidebar collapse status should be stored (Refresh always brings it back) 8.11.2021th

Reported Problems

possible weirdness with sidebar, maybe to do with zoom: the bin did not appear (on two separate browsers/computers)

tero: once the 'pages' button did not appear for me



reviewing menu   tero

Order of items (add note should be first option)

Add-note keyboard shortcut (ctrl+shift+n)

Remove all notes action (of course confirm with user that they are sure).

make impossible notes, impossible (near navigation bar) when clicked, it should come to front?   tero

DONE When user hits a "auth required" they do not return to the same page

DONE Front page, abstracts should be cropped to ellipses.

DONE When dragging from simple media: should use tool default instead of intrinsic size

DONE front page - cycle through columns doesn't work (other columns update as well)

DONE Graphic Editor / 1D editor, linking to a tool,instead of a position

DONE HTML tool show's page's background color (good), but even as the tool itself has another background color (bad).

DONE Profile > Exposition groups are not saved between sessions for normal users

DONE Export as pdf does not work in the text editor

DONE WILLNOTFIX more users with Windows 10 cannot open the menu of expositions or profiles. (This is a sideeffect of weird virus js inject behaviour kasperski, users should want to turn it off, since it is pretty nasty). https://superuser.com/questions/981959/how-to-disable-kaspersky-antivirus-javascript-injection

DONE public sets are visible also to users that are not logged in.

DONE Fixed problem play tool state not being correct if another video stops the play tool.

DONE Fixed problem with videos in footnotes that continued played when closed

DONE fixed problem in graphical expos' where font sizes where blown up on mobile, causing layout problems

DONE A published exposition in JAR does not appear in the public profile of one of the co-author

DONE Fullscreen does not work in embedded videos. example

DONE Login-as does not work for feide accounts

DONE position of tools can be made negative by mouse, but not edited by number in the style tab. (reporter: JAR, closed but not live)

DONE Fullscreen and Downloads on HTML-import videos (NTNU)

DONE (could not reproduce) Restoring an exposition while it was "in review", the "in review" status is inherited (SAR-1261)

DONE Footnotes -> dissapearing scrollbar problem when opening certain notes (SAR-1262)

DONE date of last change not updated for text-based expositions

DONE exporting JAR expositions caused problems with Safari/Chrome (Aubiome project)

DONE Declining connection request does not have effect (reported)

DONE Mail Link for owner with pseudonym on reviewing page (reported)

DONE restore deleted tools title column

DONE Exposition 849232 throws an error on preview

DONE Video player does not respond if autoplay is blocked.

DONE Issue name is missing from research page. (also ordering is arbitrary, should either be customizable or make sense) (reporter: NMH)

DONE Full screen doesn't work with autoplay

DONE metro js not loaded / Icons are not displayed

DONE Published exposition cannot be connected to

DONE Footnotes in copied expositions are not editable

DONE Problems with svg files in image tool, they are not properly scaled in edit -> options -> position -> size

[CASPER] The SARA unsubscribe menu accessed from the link of the announcement does not work

DONE Preview of text-based exposition does not update quickly enough

Archiving function

  • this is an alternative form of publication where it is fixed, but only visible to portal admins.
  • probably needs some extra meta-data like department / context in which the archived exposition was produced.

versions visible for admins - for later reference/compare changes

DONE Research Video Integration

<2019-12-14 Sat> Text-based editor version 2.1.1

searchbox is missing from front-page in responsive mode

fix default license in text editor (or maybe postpone?)

Better error reporting

Admins can view snapshots that were made on submission.

Implement fix for font-boosting both in text-based and graphical expositions

#container-weave .tool-text { -webkit-text-size-adjust: none; -moz-text-size-adjust: none; -ms-text-size-adjust: none; }

#container-weave .tool-simpletext { -webkit-text-size-adjust: none; -moz-text-size-adjust: none; -ms-text-size-adjust: none; }

fix default license in media repo

Media of sets cannot be selected within tools, this is a problem for slideshow tool.

Media Repository & API

add support for .art domains

Frontpage Redesign

SARA feed on front page

File size limit HTML import (raise to 10gb)

cms for about, terms and other static pages

feide login for ntnu bergen, nmh

terms of use simplification, checkbox online

css of profile page responsiveness

Make exposition version on submit

Objects can now have a negative position but still be edited.

Text Editor

Codemirror gets slowed down, when there is lots of video tags used.

Fix issue with old expositions which have a missing "metadata" field in their json

Parsing paragraphs can run into trouble if !{media} tag precedes it directly


Add a special section for reviewers/supervising

How to use notes

How to find an exposition

How to accept invitations / what does "deprecated" mean

How to remove notes

Missing pagesc


We would like to reduce the "font warning" messages, by making sure only fonts are used that RC can host itself. Currently, many of our fonts (Verdana, Terminal), are not available everywhere, and we cannot host them either as far as I understand? This is what Microsoft say about it: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/typography/fonts/font-faq#redistribution-and-extended-rights Correct font is kind of important, and authors are often not aware that the wrong font may be displayed for many of their readers.

The solution we have in mind consists of 3 parts:

  1. Add self-hosted fonts:

We have selected a list of public domain fonts, which the RC can self-host, some of them are metrically based on Arial/Helvetica. These fonts should be added to the HTML/text font dropdown and the .woff served with every exposition:

Sans Serif:



  1. User added fonts:

In the expositions settings (edit metadata, edit research dialog) we would like to add a "Fonts" tab, where the user can can upload (multiple) fonts (.woff or .ttf). There should also be a required name field, under which they will appear in the font dropdown of HTML and text tools. These fonts are local to the exposition and served by RC when the exposition is viewed. We should add a warning that the user is responsible for checking that the license of the font allows using it.

For new expositions, only make available the self-hosted and the user-uploaded fonts. For all older expositions, authors should still be able to use the old fonts (so both the old and new fonts). This includes expositions that have been restored from an old snapshot.

Does this solution make sense to you as well, is it possible?

Author: RC Team

Created: 2022-01-31 Mon 09:42